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Your Child's First Visit

As a parent, one of the most important milestones in your child's life is their first dental visit. At Shine Pediatric Dental Co. in Round Rock, TX, we understand the importance of making this experience comfortable, enjoyable, and educational. Positive early experiences also set the stage for how children view seeing a dentist as they grow into an adult. Dr. Sarah Severson is dedicated to ensuring that your child's first dental visit equips you with the resources needed for years of healthy smiles!

When you walk in the door

From the moment you and your child step into our office, you'll be greeted by our warm and friendly team. To make the visit even more delightful, we'll offer your child something fun to kick-start their adventure with us. Feel free to enjoy complimentary beverage while we review your child's paperwork or answer any questions you may have. Our wall-sized Brite-Lite surface and interactive game projector are designed to engage and entertain young minds, making their check-in process a joyful part of their visit with us.
Dr. Sarah Severson - Shine Pediatric Dental Co. | Pediatric Dentist in Round Rock, TX

Comprehensive Examination and Cleaning

One of our pediatric dental assistants will accompany your child to take any X-rays, if needed, for an in-depth view of their oral development. We'll also polish their teeth and discuss healthy brushing and flossing habits in an age-appropriate manner. Next, Dr. Sarah will complete their cleaning and perform a comprehensive oral exam to identify any potential areas of concern, monitor your child's growth patterns, and plan for any necessary intervention. She will also discuss her findings with you and answer questions you may have about your child's oral development. Most new patient appointments last about half an hour.

Transparent Treatment Plans

If any treatment needs are noted during your child's visit, our team will take the time to explain the options available and review the treatment plan. Our patient coordinator will assist you in scheduling any necessary follow-up appointments and answer any questions you may have about the procedures, financials, and insurance benefits. We are happy to accept most PPO insurance plans as well as Texas Medicaid.

A Sweet Farewell

As your child's visit ends, they can visit one of our eight delightful gumball machines in the checkout area for a special prize. Infant-appropriate toys are also available. Plus, as an extra treat, your child can enjoy a complimentary sugar-free slushy after their visit!
Dr. Sarah Severson - Shine Pediatric Dental Co. | Pediatric Dentist in Round Rock, TX

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At Shine Pediatric Dental Co., Dr. Sarah Severson and our team believe that every child's first dental visit should be a memorable and enjoyable experience. Schedule your child's next checkup with us today.

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