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Dental Fillings

Shine Pediatric Dental Co. in Round Rock offers minimally invasive dental fillings that are gentle for kids and help preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. Dr. Sarah Severson incorporates early intervention strategies to identify cavities as quickly as possible, allowing for conservative treatments that are better for young smiles and their family's budgets.

The Importance of Dental Fillings

Tooth decay is one of the leading diseases affecting children in the Austin area. Thankfully, small white dental fillings play a pivotal role in preventing the spread of tooth decay. Our composite fillings are used to repair the small holes created in teeth, limiting the risk of progression into painful abscesses or premature tooth loss. Early treatment protects not just the tooth with the cavity but also your child's surrounding teeth. Without treatment, decay can spread into adjacent teeth or result in dangerous infections, requiring hospitalization.
Pediatric Dental Fillings in Round Rock, TX - Shine Pediatric Dental Co.

State-of-the-Art Techniques

Thanks to innovative technology, Shine Pediatric Dental Co. delivers dental fillings that are both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Dr. Sarah incorporates the latest resources, including laser drill-free dental treatments and safe sedation options, to ensure your child's comfort. Our tooth-colored fillings blend seamlessly with your child's teeth, ensuring that the dental work remains virtually undetectable. The sooner tooth decay is interceptive, the more conservative the treatment will be.

Because cavities can spread rapidly in primary (baby) teeth, decay must be treated as soon as possible. What can be repaired with a small filling today could otherwise result in a painful abscess months down the road. Preserving your child's teeth also encourages healthy oral development and tooth eruption patterns, minimizing the risk of orthodontic complications.

Restoring Health, Confidence, and Smiles

Dental fillings not only restore the health of a child's teeth but also their confidence to smile brightly. Dr. Sarah's dedication to excellence ensures that each filling is placed with utmost precision, minimizing discomfort and maximizing the longevity of the restoration. As a result, children can continue to enjoy their favorite foods and activities without worrying about dental pain or feeling self-conscious about their smiles.

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